Bicycle Education Series

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We are fortunate to have some of our favorite bike shops share their expertise in bicycle maintenance in this series of bike education seminars. We urge our members to patronize these family owned and run bike shops who work with us to build a better cycling community in the greater Akron area.

Je20150225_145443-72dpianuary 16 – Basic Bike Repair: We welcome Andy Bixenstine of Blimp City Bike and Hike to Summit Cycling. Andy will talk about the basic bicycle repairs you can perform at home or in the event of an emergency on the road. Topics he will cover include, fixing a flat, changing a tire, adjusting your gears and brakes.

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February 06 – Routine Bicycle Maintenance: We welcome Don Kaser, the D in R & D Bike (Ruth is the R) of Barberton to Summit Cycling to talk about routine bicycle maintenance. Don will cover what you need to do to keep your bike clean and running, lubricating and adjusting the bike parts to minimize their wear and tear, and the steps to make sure your bike is safe before you set out for a ride.

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February 27 – Spring Bicycle Tune-up: We welcome Stefan Meyer from Kent Cycle in Kent to Summit Cycling to help us get our bikes ready for spring.  Stefan will share how to make sure your bike is safe and ready for the first ride of the season. He will talk about knowing when to replace tires, brake pads and other bike parts that experience constant wear and tear on the road and trail. Learn what accessories you might consider adding this year that can make your ride safer and more enjoyable.

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